Pray at Least as Much as You Wash Your Hands

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
If it's true the words we speak shape our experience, (and we teach it's so), then what's the impact of all the talk of pandemic that seems to dominate our public and personal discourse lately? 
Sure, there's benefit to being informed and taking wise action, but any benefits are quickly diminished by conversations that evoke alarm or even low-grade anxiety. "The brain and the immune system are in constant communication in this delicate balance that can be disrupted by any kind of physical or emotional stress" writes Mind-Body Connection expert Andrew Goliszek Ph.D. 
The solution, I believe is spiritual, and necessitates deeper spiritual practice. So my question for you is, how much energy are you spending in discussions about dis-ease vs. attention you're investing in wholeness? (And I invite you to consider that even in conversations about mitigation and prevention, the topic addressed is still disease.)
If you're looking to beef up your awareness of Spirit's all-powerful presence, no matter the human condition, I highly recommend watching this accompanying video from Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson of Unity Orlando. In under two minutes she'll lead you through a series of simple, truth-based affirmations. They're a powerful antidote the hours and hours of COVID-19 coverage we have absorbed.