Pizza As A Spiritual Experience

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Resistance is a jealous, greedy energy. It keeps us from surrendering to the Divine. It binds us to what we wish to be free of. It consumes the peace that nurtures understanding.
Silly personal example: Yesterday, I dropped a pizza slice, sauce-side-down, on a white rug I can't replace. Time was, I would've pitched a profanity-laden fit, fueled by stories about why it was stupid and should not have happened. But it did happen. And no amount of swearing will change that fact.
Over the years, I've learned to apply spiritual principles to such triggering moments and accept them with increasingly more grace. I still get triggered, but I'm better able to accept factual reality and release the stories that perpetuate resistance, anger and recrimination. Then I'm free to respond with compassion and understanding.
Yesterday, I had breakthrough. I skipped the triggered reaction altogether. Instead, as pizza sauce splattered my rug, a movie of my fit-pitching self played in my mind. It was a comedy. I smiled. No outburst. No cursing. No processing. Instead, I just felt gratitude and joy as I calmly cleaned up the mess.
There is much in our world that's unacceptable: pain and suffering, corruption and divisiveness, illness and poverty. Yet, it's only by accepting the reality of such conditions that our spiritual and emotional energies can be redirected to fruitful, life-giving purposes. This capacity for "radical acceptance" takes practice. (Years, in my case!) But even silly successes can be transformative. I believe, in aggregate consciousness, small steps unleash the power of the infinite to heal, bless and unite.