Phygital Spirituality: Exciting. Empty. All Good.

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Masked and distanced with our Livestream Team, Rev. Christina and I were back in the Sanctuary for service for the first time since March last Sunday. For me, the experience was both exciting and empty: Exciting, because we're creating an entirely new way of being together in spiritual community that's crucial to our Center's future. Empty, because I'm not <yet> skilled at sensing the congregation's presence on the other side of the physical/digital divide.
I suspect most of us are familiar with that excited/empty emotional mix, especially as the holidays approach. We long for the excitement of celebration and connection characteristic of the season. Yet, 2020 has affected us deeply, rendering the most basic forms of contact risky at best. Air hugs and elbow bumps are what they are. But life devoid of human touch feels empty.
That's not to say emptiness is without gifts. "In the emptiness," Rev. Robert Brumet writes regarding an important step in integrating any loss or change, "we are given to see that which is not visible to eyes veiled with familiar surroundings." 
Bottom line: Use  excitement to fuel your creativity and propel you forward. And in the emptiness, trust Spirit to reveal new possibilities and unleash reserves of strength and power that can only arise from your divine self.