Perfect Imperfection

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Last Sunday, I exhorted us all to "be grateful for everything" and "have no complaints whatsoever." This week we learned the air conditioning system in our Sanctuary is kaput. Plus, the weekend weather forecast predicts temps will be dangerously high.
Oh, how I wish I could tell you my immediate response was, "Thank you, God, for ample opportunity to practice what I preach! I have no complaint whatsoever." 
It wasn't. (Not even close.) But with time, prayer and a mentor's coaching, I'm happy to say it's not just platitude. I really am excited by the possibilities current circumstances provide. By moving Sunday's service to the Garden Room, where a/c is robust, we get to engage one another in a more flexible space that provides an entirely new level of creativity for celebrating Spirit together. Like free electrons zipping through matter, we're free to shape substance in entirely new, more imaginative forms.
I pray that any complaints escaping our lips -- and those lurking in the recesses of our minds -- are transformed by infinite love. I pray we have the courage to hear and to heed divine guidance, and claim the ever-available inherent good of the absolute realm.