Penthouse Thinking: Key to Higher Consciousness

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
The chaos we're now experiencing in so many arenas of human experience comes in two flavors, according to Caroline Myss, author, mystic and intuitive healer. It is either a transformational step toward embracing the power of Love, or it's a fear-driven clinging to the love of power,
Put that starkly it sounds like an easy choice. But when it comes to transformation, all but the most enlightened among us do our share of clinging. So with all the chaos we're contending with, how do we embrace the power of Love?
Myss suggests thinking of consciousness as a hi-rise. At ground level, we experience the chaos most directly; and our perspective is restricted to whatever's right before us. The view from the second floor extends a bit further, but we're still very close to the drama. By the third floor, we have a better angle on the bigger picture, but we're still immersed in the story: "Who did this?" "Who said that?"
As we ascend, perspective broadens exponentially. We recognize we're not alone. Others are experiencing the same, or have gone before us. The story shifts from "I" and "me," to "we" and "us." We find that by uplifting others, we are raised.
In the penthouse, there are no obstructions to divine seeing. We're aware of our deep connection to all humanity,  the animal kingdom, the environment, the natural world, even the cosmos. Beyond this earthly realm of duality, you and I (and everybody else) are penthouse bound. 
So here's a question to hold in mind when thoughts stall in the chaos of challenge: What floor am I on? Be honest. Be with whatever thoughts and feelings arise. Then let the power of Love reveal the next stop on your soul's evolution.