Peace of Mind

There is no room for worry or upset in my life. My connecting with Spirit upon awakening fills my mind with peace, joy and harmony.

I will not allow negative thoughts to take over my power. I am strong and positive in my thoughts and prayers.

Disconnected and harmful thoughts will not deprive me of inner peace. I am content and whole in my thoughts and mind, and all is well.

I do not allow tension or discomfort to limit my engagement with life. I am vibrant and vital in body, mind and spirit. My energy is boundless. I joyously accomplish all that's mine to undertake.

If any thoughts of fear and a desire to control arise, I remember that all is in divine order. God is all there is, dismissing all negativity.

Critical thoughts and judgments are now dissolved. Peace and wisdom fill my mind and heart.

I release my mind from the incessant noise of the world's daily busyness around me. As I quiet my thoughts, I perceive the peace of God growing within me and feelings of well-being and love fill my mind and heart.