Peace on Earth Comes from Within

By Rev. Kurt Condra 

Affirming peace on earth these days feels impossibly aspirational. It probably is, unless our spiritual investment goes deeper than prayers and affirmations.

That's not to diminish the immense co-creative power prayer. But if we want to create a peaceful world, affirming it is only a first step. The deeper, truly transformative work involves unearthing any deeply rooted beliefs that we are somehow separate from God or one another.

Not easy, especially since we're barraged with temptations to indulge in the frenzied self-righteousness of us/them, right/wrong, good/bad. As satisfying as condemnation and comeuppance might feel, they arise from the very same destructive impulses and actions we want transformed. If our actions are to have a peacemaking effect, we must first quell the violence in our own hearts and minds.  

The good news is we can experience perfect peace right in the middle of the even the fiercest storms.  Like Jesus, awakened by his fearful disciples during a storm at sea, as we awaken to our capacity for compassion and forgiveness, we make welcome the peace that passes understanding.