Paint Outside the Lines

Arriving in Kansas City at dusk for a week's work with ministerial students, I was greeted with a glorious sun setting in the west and a bright full moon rising in the east.  On my right, vibrant hues of pink, orange and yellow shone. On my left, restful tones of blue lavender and white glowed. It was a spectacular display of day's end occurring simultaneously with night's beginning. 
Like the breathtaking beauty of sun and moon painting the sky from opposite horizons, every transition in our worldly experience marks both a completion and an initiation. Source energy, divine substance flows freely through stops and starts alike. Our lives are masterpieces painted with the thoughts and prayers we hold in mind. The most brilliant works are created by allowing Spirit to shine brightly through the fullness of our endings and beginnings: pain and joy, struggle and triumph, dis-ease and wholeness. Every shade adds depth. Every hue richness. Learn to appreciate the full spectrum of life's colors, and you'll use them fearlessly with artistic abandon.

I recommend a really big canvas.
Rev. Kurt