For Our World

I will not allow world unrest to take over my thoughts. I know that world events are unfolding in divine order for the good of all.

There is no darkness or evil that is lasting. God's light and love fill our world. The desire for peace and freedom brings forth harmony and respect. The people of the earth are one in their love and respect for each other and our planet.

Our earth is greater than any strife. There is no separation. We overcome division with our joy in being. In our faith, our connection to one another is revealed.

Humankind dissolves all thoughts of separation or of our neighbors as "other." We are united as one family, enjoying the rich variety of apparent differences, knowing that we are all aspects of the One.

Violence, greed and hate have no lasting power in our world. In a state of divine union with God, I envision a world where all people live in peace and harmony, and act with love, compassion and cooperation towards each other and all beings, and where people make wise decisions for the environment of the world.

I release all doubt. The power of God overcomes political unrest and human suffering. God's power and presence are greater than any earthly condition. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The turmoil and hatred that are so rife in our world have no power to destroy universal good. Everywhere and always, Spirit is present with the gifts of love and peace.

The world will not destroy itself. I see only beauty in my surroundings. I see the light that protects and brings to life all creatures.