Our Commitment to Tithing

Unity on the North Shore practices the Law of Abundance by giving of 10% of all unrestricted contributions received to organizations or individuals who provide inspiration or spiritual support to our leaders, members and those who attend, and/or to the broader Unity movement. Each week, our tithing team discerns where the tithe should be given and we bless the checks we give each Sunday as we bless the gifts we receive. Examples of where UNS tithes are given:

  • Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Silent Unity
  • Unity Institute
  • Great Lakes Unity Region of Unity Churches
  • Unity Urban Ministerial School

Why UNS Tithes

  • Tithing establishes order in our life and the life of our ministry. It places God first!
  • Tithing is a sure way to prosper.
  • It reminds us of the One True Source.
  • It opens new channels of supply.
  • Tithing enables us to bless others through the work of God.
  • We tithe, not primarily because we are supposed to, but because we joyfully want to. We tithe because we have discovered that it is a great and creative adventure, and because its rewards are surprising, enriching, increasing, and unending.

Personal Benefits of Tithing

  • What we use goes further and lasts longer.
  • We activate the flow of creative abundance and prosperity in our lives.
  • We feel good about ourselves because giving feels good.
  • We empower Spirit to work through others.
  • We secure the future of those organizations that spiritually feed us.

What About Giving to Charity?

Tithing is distinct from outreach (giving to social service needs, causes and organizations), in that tithes support sources which disseminate Unity teachings, and empower others to use Truth principles in transforming their lives, communities, and the world.