Mission, Vision and Values


Mission / Vision

We are a welcoming, diverse Spiritual Community, exploring the Divine within and expressing it in our lives.




Diversity — Together, we are modeling how to create an inclusive community, where people of varied beliefs, backgrounds, races, ethnicities and orientations work play, study and worship together with unabashed admiration and respect. 
Unconditional Love — Our philosophy is spiritual and love-based. We honor all paths to God and believe in making a positive difference in the world by encouraging personal initiative and growth.
Prayer  and Meditation — We practice the presence of God through consistent prayer and meditation and include the church and fellow members and congregants in our daily prayer life.
Service — We practice self-less service with the understanding that by giving our time and talent, our capacity to demonstrate  and embody unconditional love and acceptance expands.
Conscious Evolution  — We value education as part of the ongoing process of spiritual growth and development. We understand that our concept of God, ourselves and the nature of life expands and deepens as we apply spiritual principles to our daily choices.
Giving — Unity on the North Shore is a tithing ministry, and we  practice giving joyfully and generously. We believe that through tithing, we participate in the abundant flow of the universe sufficient to meet every need.