Humble & Glorious ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Parties, presents and pageants can be powerful experiences for giving and receiving God’s love. But look closely, and you'll likely discover subtler reminders that Christ is born in us, as in Jesus. Delve into even the most ordinary routines and you’ll discover the journey is not unlike Joseph’s and Mary’s trek to Bethlehem: It can be arduous, messy and scary, but inherent in every experience is a divine capacity for trust and hope to transcend outer circumstances.
It's by birthing Christ energy that we harness the power to transform lack- and fear-based worldly conditions. Just as a humble birth in distressing circumstances more than 20 centuries ago continues to inspire millions, as we allow Spirit to be born in us, we become the peace that passes understanding. The question is, “How?”
My suggestion as Christmas approaches: Look for the Christ within to be born in your most ordinary moments: Look with an expectant heart and open mind. Affirm that you are inextricably connected to all life through a power greater than all of us. For you are a shepherd with eyes to see. You are the Magi with faith to follow. The Christmas story is your story and mine, and we’re called to live it every moment.