Crank Up the Volume ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Listening for the still small voice within can be like listening to the radio on a road trip: Sometimes, there’s static. Out of range, the signal weakens. Even when I feel dialed in, the station occasionally fades in and out. I know that once I get clear of interference, the reception will improve.

 God’s channels for communicating with us are limitless. Sometimes guidance is broadcast on unfamiliar stations. Sometimes we don’t recognize the voice. Yet, Spirit is always on the air. God is present, even in the static. Waiting on the Lord is always the right choice. But there’s a difference between waiting on the Lord, and waiting to hear what we want to hear.

So how can we distinguish between the two? Here’s a suggestion: Be still and know. Be still and know that God always points to eternal truth. Divine solutions are not constrained by worldly facts. Heed the voice that calls you higher and you'll find the journey infinitely more rewarding.