Pre-Prayer the Way ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Time was, my default approach to life was to prepare for the proverbial "other shoe" to drop. Then I found Unity and learned that by imagining the worst, I was using the power of my thoughts to create it. Like the classic Unity hymn says, “thoughts are prayers,” so my predict-and-control approach was basically praying chaos and drama into existence.
Turns out that’s really good news: Once we understand that thoughts, feelings and beliefs (prayers) activate Spirit’s power to create in the material realm, we can redirect our prayers away from unfruitful thinking and toward what’s highest and best.
So, if there’s a facet of your life that could be more gratifying and wonderful, pre-pray its fulfillment into your experience. Facing a stack of bills? Pre-pray them paid: “I have abundant resources and ingenuity to provide for my every need.” Feeling tired and achy? Pre-pray “I am one with the universe, filled with energy and vitality.” Feeling bored and alone? “God’s love enfolds and surrounds me with deep and fulfilling relationships.” Distressed by current events? "I am one with the harmonizing power creating a world that works for all."
You’ve got the power. You’re already using it to create the life you have. So go ahead...pre-pray yourself for greatness.