Spiritual Response to Hurricanes ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

There’s a story in Unity lore about May Roland, who led Silent Unity, our Movement’s century-plus-old prayer ministry in Kansas City. It’s said that years ago, when a tornado was headed directly for Unity Village, she exhorted, “Your father has no need of you here,” and it turned to cross harmlessly over a vacant field.
When I first heard it, I dismissed it as exaggerated legend. I regarded it as a depiction of what might be possible in ultimate Christ consciousness – like Jesus calming stormy seas – but I didn’t really believe it.
These days, I’m less skeptical. I believe prayers for guidance for those preparing for Katia, Jose and Irma and those recovering from Harvey, support them in aligning with divine wisdom as they find safe refuge. I believe prayers affirming divine order help us to remember storms are not the capricious retribution of an angry deity, but part of creation’s cycle – a fearsome force to balance the awesome gravitational and meteorological forces of a planet hurtling through an infinite universe.
From that perspective, it’s easier to see that forces in the cosmos, while fearsome, are somehow not against us. From this awareness, direct your prayer energy in whatever way you can believe unquestioningly. Use May’s denial, “Spirit has no need of you here.” Or visualize the colored swirls on the weather maps dissolving into nothingness. Or use what I believe is the highest-level prayer, “Divine order is established and all is well.” 
Give it a shot. Prayerfully shaping the earth’s weather patterns and our response to them is excellent practice for the even greater work of creating a world that works for all.