Move Into Your Greater Good

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
I believe there is a deep yearning within all people to discover and express our unique greatness. If we’re in touch with that innate desire, Spirit within begins to see that life is greater than the appearances of this world, and we are called to inhabit another realm that’s both infinite and inclusive. It’s where Jesus invites us to dwell when he says, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” 
“Great!” you say. “When can I move in?”  Good news: You don’t necessarily have to pack up and move your earthly possessions (though some of us occasionally have). The mansions we occupy are our own designs. We can customize for opulence, spaciousness, comfort, sustainability…whatever, by seeing the desires arising from our truest selves clearly.
Think of it like flipping on the windshield wipers in spring shower: As you watch the architecture of your life come into focus, see it through the clear view of your spiritual nature. Note what is positive and aligned with energies characterized by wholeness, gratitude, compassion, peace, harmony and love. Dwell there and you’ll continue to discover ever-deeper dimensions of life lived greatly.