Mom Energy: It's In Every One of Us

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
My Facebook feed is mostly populated with proud moms shouting-out their kids' antics and achievements: a colleague's sons cliff diving in Mexico; a high school classmate's daughter in prom dress and corsage; my nephews raising havoc on the stairs of their new home; a cousin's grandchild comfortably nestled in the crook of his mom's-mom's arm; my sister's three grown kids beaming before the flowered cross my nephew built for the altar at his wedding.
Look through the lens of the Platinum Rule -- the Golden Rule upgrade calling us to treat others, not just as we would like, but as they would -- and you'll see such posts are motivated by something much deeper than mere pride and joy. At some level, there is a giving of self in support of their children's greater good. It's a complicated mix of sorrow and sacrifice born of maternal energy that requires endlessly letting go. From the moment her child is conceived, a mother navigates an ever-shifting boundary between holding close and freeing. 
Of course, that's true for all of us on a spiritual path: Whether or not we give birth and no matter our gender, discerning when to hold tight and when to let go determines whether consciousness is expanding or stagnating.
So as Mother's Day approaches, lean into the fullness of your nurturing maternal energy. Open your heart to the sacredness of precious fleeting moments. Explore the complicated mix of emotional paradoxes. Trust that it will increase your capacity for compassion, loving and connection.