Mission, Vision and Values


Centered in Spirit, we co-create a world that works for all.


We are an empowering, diverse, spiritual community experiencing Spirit within to create a peaceful and prosperous world.


Core Values

Community Service — We practice self-less service with the understanding that by giving our time and talent, our capacity to demonstrate  and embody unconditional love and acceptance expands.  Unity on the North Shore is a tithing ministry, and we practice giving joyfully and generously. We believe that through tithing, we participate in the abundant flow of the universe sufficient to meet every need. 
Diversity — Together, we are modeling how to create an inclusive community, where people of varied beliefs, backgrounds, races, ethnicities and orientations work play, study and                                                                           worship together with unabashed admiration and respect. 
Prayer — We practice the presence of God through consistent prayer and meditation and include the church and
fellow members and congregants in our daily prayer life.
Acceptance  — We embrace and celebrate people wherever they are on their spiritual and life paths.  All are welcome here.
Fellowship — We share our spiritual journey, making time to connect one-on-one, in small groups, and as a community — in joy, love, and gratitude.