Making Meaning Matter

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
The most powerful determinants of experience are the stories we tell and the meanings we make of them.  We decide if a plot is sinister or tragic. We decide who's a villain and who's a victim. Spiritual mastery involves being conscious about the narratives we tell, and editing the passages that obfuscate Truth.
How? Jesus advised removing the proverbial "log" from our own eyes first. Example: If I cast a leader as a domineering bully, my job is to heal my own arrogance and need to control so I can see the situation more clearly. If I cast my neighbor as a fearful flunky, it’s on me to resolve my own feelings of powerlessness so I can be present to our universal need for safety and stability. 
As we confess the instances in which we’re condemning another’s actions as wrong or bad, we clear the slate of consciousness for a broader perspective to emerge. With discipline, it’s a perspective increasingly shaped by divine wisdom and unconditional love.