Love Your Adversary

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Watching pundits and politicians wrangle over impeachment hearings, I recognize a hook that's snagged me before: The desire for others to think, believe and do what I want.
For years, I tried to recruit a buddy who grew up Southern Baptist to Unity. He agrees with much of our teaching. But whenever I tried to explain we don’t believe in a demonic force tempting us to do evil, he would shake his head, smile mischievously, and in a thick Southern drawl that always gave him the last word, he'd declare, “Honey...I gotta have a devil in my religion.” 
As our friendship has cured over the years, I find the exasperation I used to experience has mellowed to a genuine appreciation for our differences. I stopped trying to change him and our connection deepened.
I pray the current political rancor mellows and that our common desire to be and do good for our country and our world fosters a respectful  appreciation for our differences. As with all transformative change, it begins within. It begins with us.
That's the possibility I'm holding for this Sunday's David Roth concert (see below). David's been performing his inspirational acoustic music for three decades. His songs cover a variety of topics and styles. Some are funny. Some are poignant. All are thought-provoking, returning to the basic tenents of love, support and connection. Come!  You'll laugh. You'll learn. You'll untangle snags.