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By Jim Merriner

One moment she is a primly dressed corporate speaker, the next moment she unleashes her “inner superstar” and transforms into  Lady GaGa. No, it’s not a miracle.
On second thought, yes it is. Midlife career changes are no longer so unusual, but few corporate consultants become stars of glam rock.
Lynn O’Dowd did just that by what she calls “following the spiritual bread crumbs.” The trail of those crumbs led her to the principles of Unity on the North Shore.
Lynn first found UNS when she had thyroid cancer at age 28. There she found the power of affirmative prayer, as opposed to “reciting words or prayers that did not mean anything,” which she felt was the practice of the church in which she grew up. The cancer treatment was successful.
Lynn developed a business as a time management consultant. In her early forties she got married at Unity. She was happy but as she entered her fifties she felt strangely listless, dissatisfied.
Then she happened to see an ad. A rock band was looking for a singer. “The last time I sang on stage, I was 16. For three days I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t let it go. I was praying, like, OK, what’s next? And when I had a dream about Lady Gaga, I asked, what? Am I supposed to become a Lady GaGa impersonator? I am asking Spirit for help—all right, Spirit is having a good laugh at my expense.”
But it was no joke when she answered the ad. She auditioned with a Lady Gaga song and got the job as lead singer. The band was named, of all things, LTD—Living the Dream.
Lynn knew she was not a virtuoso guitar player or singer. But “going to Unity on Sunday was my way to say, at least for this hour I can tune out all the nay-sayers.”
At a gathering of her husband’s Irish fraternal organization one night, Lynn was telling her story. A woman sitting nearby overheard her, and called out of the blue to ask Lynn to speak to a cancer survivor’s network. Her first response: “No, I’m not ready.”
Her second response was “ 'Lynn, Spirit is knocking on your door.' I called her back.”
The speech was OK but not a smash. Lynn spent most of the next two years training with speech, singing, and music coaches. Now she gives keynote speeches to corporate groups and audiences with standing ovations.
Her clients ask her to abjure politics or (horrors!) religion in her talks. Sure, but as Lady Gaga in disguise she manages to convey Unity principles.
After playing some songs, such as Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” Lynn puts away her guitar and stands in an elegant, restrained fashion. She wears a dark blue top and a black, mid-calf skirt. 
Suddenly, she unzips the top and at once she is Lady GaGa in a silky silver gown  and a short white wig. 
“Who is your inner superstar? Mine happens to be Lady GaGa. I have had people come to me in tears—‘I have been wanting to write that book,’ whatever it is.”
Use your gifts. Listen to Spirit. Follow the spiritual bread crumbs and step into your authentic self. 
Courageously embracing her heart's longing, Lynn reshaped her career, adding motivational speaking and keynote performance to her considerable skill as a time management consultant. Her keynote, "Unleash Your Inner Superstar" helps audiences harness their talent, step outside their comfort zone, and perform at levels they never thought possible. For info, visit:, or contact | 312.498.1857