Life is a Story You're Writing

By Rev. Kurt Condra  

The most powerful determinants of our life experiences are the stories we choose to tell ourselves. We decide who's a villain and who's a hero. We decide whether a plot is sinister or redeeming. So the stories we tell say more about us than about others. Spiritual mastery means being conscious about the narratives we tell... about ourselves and about the people in our lives.


Example: If you cast a coworker as a domineering bully, you may well becasting yourself as a poor over-worked whimp. Cast your partner as a gross slob, and you likely assume the role of uptight control freak. You'd do well to rewrite the script for both roles.


How? Jesus advised removing the proverbial "log" from your own eye first. See yourself as a confident, effective co-worker, and behavior you previously experienced as irksome may motivate you to greater assertiveness. See yourself as open-minded and collaborative, and your ability to negotiate mutually workable solutions for sharing space expands.


Whatever the story, remember you're the author; free to re-write and recast. Make the book of your life a masterpiece.