Let Love Lead

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
In the parable of the two sons, a remarkably awakened father welcomes his prodigal son back even after squandering an early inheritance. Then the father extends the same empathy and understanding to the outraged brother, assuring him he, too, is loved unconditionally.
Just as this father withholds judgment and extends love where others might be inclined to punish or condemn, we can also choose to see beyond human shortcomings and honor the divine -- in others and in ourselves. Question is, in the throes of crisis or drama how do we dispel the emotionally charged energies that arise from blame and fear?
Here's a prayer crafted to establish a consciousness of unconditional love: Centered in divine love, my compassion and empathy allow the restorative power of infinite love to unburden those who may be hurting. Divine intelligence guides my words and deeds. My actions support healing and wholeness. The exhilarating power of God’s ever-available grace uplifts and restores us all.