Keep On Raking ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

Keeping consciousness raised is like raking leaves: If fallen leaves are the clutter in consciousness, the rake is the divine power within that clears the mind and heart. No matter how densely the foliage falls, our work is to just keep raking.
Such perseverance and disciplining of thought and emotion is fundamental to spiritual growth. When we recognize the blessing in every season, trust that we’re doing exactly what we’ve been called to do, and know that our contribution is part of a greater process, then we activate the power of the divine to meet life’s fullness with a compassionate, open heart. We not only experience the peace that passes understanding, we become it. We radiate it.
Here’s a prayer for claiming it:
I am love…inspiring hope in those who feel none.
I am faith…giving strength to those who feel weak.
I am peace…providing comfort for those in dis-ease.
I am joy…bringing light to those who feel lost.