It's My Birthday!

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
I don't usually make it a thing but a bud just pointed out today is 7-14-21. Cool mathematical pattern, yes? Plus I'm 61. (Six and one is seven.) And let's not start on Biblical sevens...days of creation years of famine and plenty; frequency of forgiving (70x7).
I love patterns. They're everywhere: In art, like Van Gogh's Four Seasons (which I expect to see in the Immersion exhibit I'm seeing later). In music, rhythmic patterns move body and soul. In oceans, the ceaseless pattern of breaking waves inspires awe for nature's limitless power. Weather patterns foretell what's coming.
In our lives, they're a powerful point of awareness. Open to their gifts and you'll discover a window to divine guidance. Heed their counsel and you can stop repeating fruitless patterns and nurture those that bless.
So be mindful of the patterns unfolding in and all around you. Give thanks for the insights they reveal and follow the guidance they provide. Trust the subsequent actions you choose are establishing patterns to bring forth your greatest, highest good. Happy New Day!