It's a Dance, Not a Tug-of-War

Unity People's Convention (this year in Detroit) is always action-packed: It's a week filled with conferences, tours, breakout sessions, workshops, speakers and concerts...all in support of realizing our shared vision to create a world that works for all. With all that high-energy activity, it' can be easy to forget that God is the source and power from which it all emerges. 
So here I sit, on a sunny patio at cocktail hour, taking a break to consciously connect with Spirit. It's not that God or even my sense of God is lacking in the programming of this wonderful event: Divine energy is palpable in the exuberance of working, learning celebrating and reconnecting with beloved colleagues and new Unity friends. Still, I need to take time apart to feel God's activity in my living, moving and being.

That's true for everyone: Managing the polarity between the busy, fast-moving currents of daily life and the peaceful stillness that arises from consistent spiritual practice takes conscious effort. Make the effort and life is more joyful and abundant. Let it slide, and what God intends for good can become stressful. So there's a balance to be struck between activity and rest, expending energy and recharging. It's best enjoyed by moving gracefully between them, more dance than struggle. So I urge you take time apart to know God's presence within. Allow its power to resonate in your beingness. I promise you'll sense a rhythm to guide your steps.

Boogie down.
Rev. Kurt