How to Transform Negative Thought Patterns

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
“Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” For Unity students that aphorism’s become so familiar it’s almost cliché. 
So you’d think that when we notice our thoughts are short-circuiting, it’d be a simple matter to shift them and tap into higher consciousness. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s not.
When the shift does happen with grace and ease, it’s helpful to note it, and give thanks for it. It increases our capacity to trust Spirit is active in transforming thought patterns requiring a total reboot.
In those instances, be gentle. Check the basic systems. Is your body needing rest our nourishment? Does your mind need to be unplugged for awhile? Is your spirit yearning for peace?
Heed the signals. Use the spiritual tools that have worked in the past. Be willing to adapt those tools and use them in new and perhaps more skillful ways, and you’ll begin to recognize that God truly dwells within us in every moment of every situation.