How to Rise Above Sucky Thoughts ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

At the risk of oversimplifying, the spiritual path is like a game of Chutes & Ladders: Ladders are progress toward higher consciousness. Chutes are the heaviness of earthly challenges and concerns. Ladders lift us higher. Chutes drag us down.


A chute doesn't require effort and seems like the fastest way forward. It's weighing in naked instead of eating well. It's texting emojis in place of authentic sharing. It's finding excuses instead following your dreams. Chutes never provide a higher perspective. They don't transcend unhealthy patterns. They don't free us from the bondage of habitually fruitless behaviors. 


But here's the blessing: Standing by every chute is a ladder at the ready. And within you is all the strength, courage and wisdom to scale it well.


Classic Unity author H.Emily Cady writes, "This mighty Power to save and protect, to deliver and make alive, lives forever within us...and will invariably open a way of complete deliverance." 


In climbing the ladders of your life, may every rung deliver greater good to you and all whose lives touch yours.