How to Pray in the Midst of Calamity

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
My dad just sent this pic from his Southern California patio -- a lush fairway shot with a wildfire-fueled mushroom cloud in the uncomfortably-close distance. Thankfully, winds are favorable for those on his side of the conflagration. Those east of the perimeter can use our prayers.
Seriously. I believe our collective prayers have power beyond our comprehension. I also believe the consciousness we hold in the face of disaster is the greatest determinant of prayer's efficacy. So start by securing your own proverbial oxygen mask. Release any dread or fear you experience listening to news coverage, or waiting to hear friends and loved ones are out of harm's way. Declare your oneness with Source and pray from a deep conviction that good is expressing in the infinite realm -- no matter the human calamity.
Here's a prayer for these unprecedented fires:
Centered in source energy, I trust God's protecting presence enfolds all who are engaged in quelling wildfires. Divine wisdom guides those in harm's way to safety. Infinite intelligence guides officials to employ every possible resource wisely. I recognize, at a planetary level, wildfires are part of a cosmic cycle, fearsome in their power to purify; miraculous in their ability to unleash the forces of everlasting life for renewal and restoration. I also recognize my oneness with all that is, and pray that as citizens, communities and nations, we unite to honor and respect this earth, our common home.