How to NOT Ruin Sacred Moments

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Fumbling with his phone, the young dad hustling onto the elevator was shooting video of his beautiful 3-year-old daughter waving goodbye. My first thought: "She walks him to the elevator. SOOOO cute!"  My next thought: "SOOOO sad he let the phone diminish a sacred, beautiful moment."  
Those of a certain age (me included) often decry the cell phone's role in the demise of authentic connection. But on that elevator this morning, the only negative vibe was my unspoken criticism of father and phone. Thankfully, in recognizing how my thinking was corrupting the experience, I was freed to shift my awareness and appreciate the beauty and intimacy of a touching daddy-daughter interaction.
Anytime we judge and criticize, we separate ourselves from the infinite, omnipresent good available in every moment. Most likely, it's a sign we're dragging fear or pain from the past and projecting it onto the present. The key is reestablishing our connection to the sacred.
Easily said, easily done where everyday low-level gripes are concerned; tougher in cases where self-righteousness indignation flares; seemingly impossible in cases of tragedy or injustice.
Still, the key reconnecting with the sacred is the same: Awareness. So pay close attention to thoughts and feelings. Release those that create separation. Rest in those that support connection. Practice on simple things -- cell phone interruptions -- and you build spiritual muscle and resilience for bringing the sacred energy of divine love to even our greatest worldly challenges.