How to Master Dramatic Change ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

The energy of dramatic change is palpable. Even tomorrow's temperatures are expected to swing between the low 20s to high 50s. Perhaps it’s the universe reflecting our collective consciousness. Whatever the cause, changes in our world seem to be unfolding with unmistakable intensity this week.
It would be folly to expect that our collective desire for grace-filled change is sufficient to accomplish it. Like everything in life, change unfolds at paces ranging from glacial to light speed. The challenge of the spiritual journey is navigating the changes like water flowing through a riverbed. 
Positive change requires an ever-deepening awareness of the consciousness we bring to it. Experiencing grace in the throes of cataclysm, or the grind of eons, requires shifting our habitual attitudes and cultivating compassionate responses anchored in the peace that passes understanding.
I know, sounds like a life’s work. But that’s the beauty of it. Awakening to our own divinity and mastering our innate power to co-create joyful, fulfilling lives is an incredibly rewarding adventure. And like Jesus turning water to wine at the wedding of Cana, as we share our miracle-making expertise, the invitation to celebrate possibilities inherent in every change is graciously extended to all whose lives are touched by our own.