How Jigsaw Puzzles Attract Your Highest Good ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

For me, coping with frigid Chicago winters involves moving an antique table over a heat duct and tackling a jigsaw puzzle. One I'm doing now is really tough: a third of the pieces are pure black, only distinguishable by shape. Time was, I'd have given up in frustration. Instead, I've discovered it's a powerful present-moment awareness practice that quiets my thoughts, relaxes my body, and clears my mind. 
This notion of puzzling as a form of prayer and meditation may seem silly, but think of puzzles as a metaphor for the chaotic busyness of daily life, and assembling pieces can be a reminder that God is in the midst of even the craziest days. The sense of accomplishment and enjoyment I’ve derived is evidence that spirituality doesn’t have to involve getting down on our knees or sitting cross-legged on a cushion. Connecting with divine intuition, establishing a consciousness of order, and waiting for guidance can be fun.  
Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore told students to pray and give thanks no matter where they were or what they doing. If current circumstances weren't aligned with the divine, he said, they would soon be somewhere better doing something greater. 
Whatever form of prayer brings order to the jumble of your life, I invite you to embrace it...right now, right where you are.