How To Drink In Holy Water ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

You remember the story of the Samaritan woman who asks Jesus for a drink of living waters? It's a reminder that much of what we "drink in" is spiritually unsatisfying. Still, we trek back to the same well drinking the same stale water. Probably because it provides a measure of relief. Trouble is, it never truly quenches the deepest desires of our hearts. 
For instance, venting frustrations and judgments about how the world should be, how we've been wronged, or what's been done to us, can be irresistibly, deliciously satisfying. Trouble is, that water's tainted. It can never slake our thirst for peace, connection, love, harmony.
Those require drinking from another well entirely. But we can't access it without first recognizing the Christ within -- our own capacity for forgiveness, compassion and appreciation. Just like Jesus hanging out at the well, our Christ-hood is always loitering nearby.
Here's the key to accessing it: Drop the armor of self-righteousness and blame, and bravely own your part in any episodes you judge as lacking or deficient. Just as the Samaritan woman recognizes Jesus after coming clean about her string of husbands, we discover our true nature by admitting where we have been unloving or where we have betrayed our truest selves. Only then, are our hearts and minds freed to partake of living waters. 
Those waters renew and refresh in body, mind and soul. Drink of them deeply.