How To Do What You Want, Even When You Don't Want To

~ By Rev. Kurt Condra
You know that thing you always do? The thing you know you could handle better? The thing you wish and pray you'll stop doing, but when the trigger gets tripped you do it anyway? It's the thing Paul speaks of in Romans 7:15: "For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate."
For me, it's how I handle feeling hurt. Old pattern: Shut down. Armor up. Desired shift: Connect. Make a call. Instead I wallow. I replay the hurt. Then I feel guilty and ashamed for wallowing and hurting. The call's never made. The pattern's reinforced.
But cycles can be broken. Breakthroughs happen all the time. We just need to claim them as progress, no matter how seemingly small: Recognizing a repeating pattern is a breakthrough. Becoming aware of wallowing is a breakthrough. Acknowledging hurt is a breakthrough. Agreed, these aren't the quantum leaps in consciousness we might like, but every breakthrough is part of our transformation from limited self to Divine Self.
Trust me...the Divine in you is prevailing. Claim it!