How do I become a member?

What does it mean to be a member?

Membership means becoming an active member of a spiritual community and becoming willing to accept the responsibilities and joys of being a part of that community. It’s less about a designation or certificate and more about a commitment to your spiritual journey, fully supporting the mission of the center and fellow members and congregants. As a member, you may participate in the Annual Meeting to elect the board of trustees, the nominating committee, and any other matters presented to members. But most new members find the more significant shift takes place within them, in the relationship to the center and their role as part of its core.

What must I do to become a member?

Those who wish to become members must attend the Membership Discernment Class and complete and return the Membership Information Form. They are also asked to begin serving within the ministry. On Membership Sunday, those who choose to join will be blessed and acknowledged by the congregation during the morning service, then welcomed at a short reception during the Fellowship Time. Times, dates and details will be provided during the class.

How long must I attend Unity on the North Shore before becoming a member?

There is no minimum period of attendance required to become a member. Some people know right away that Unity on the North Shore will become their church home, and become members soon after they begin attending. Others are on the Unity journey much longer and may become members many years after they start attending services. In either case, the decision whether and when to become a member is a personal one and should be made when you (and your family) sense the time is right. Whenever you decide to make this commitment, Unity on the North Shore and the community of faith will welcome you warmly.

Am I committed to being a member by taking Unity 101?

The Membership discernment Class is designed to prepare those who attend our center for membership. Accordingly, we ask first that you be committed to the class and to a thorough study of Unity, its history, the basic principles, and the application of those principles in your daily life. You may decided whether you want to join at the conclusion of the class. If now is not the right time, you may join on another Membership Sunday within the next 12 months.