How to Deal with Wobbling Plates

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Remember Dorothy, Tin Man and Scarecrow just before they encounter Lion? Deadlines, distractions and dramas...Oh, my!

It's been a scary-forest type of week. At one point, balls were dropping and plates were wobbling so perilously. I lost all sense of priority. Everything felt urgent. I was incapable of quieting mind or body. Spirit felt distant, even absent. 

Our experience of God can be like that. We know She hasn't gone anywhere. We know They're near as hands and feet. Too often though, at least in my case, I plunge deeper into darkness. Eventually, though, just as Lion's false bravado is unmasked, worldly pressures abate.

Sometimes, three deep breaths can return us to sanity. Sometimes, it takes a thwack with the proverbial cosmic 2x4. Either way, once we summon the will to deal with that which threatens our inner peace; a felt sense of divine connection is restored. Break from the sensual assault that is so much a part of our everyday busyness, and we begin to experience our truest Selves. Sure we'd prefer to make the shift by breath, rather than thwack. Who wouldn't? But how we return to center is not nearly so important as that we do.