How to Be Authentically Free

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
A friend who’s worked hard at nonattachment recently paid off a car loan. The very same week, a can of orange marker paint – the fluorescent stuff used to stripe roads – fell off a truck in front of her.
Let’s just say she got a free custom paint job. She also learned she’s still got strong attachments to some outer appearances.
Afterward, she regretted her “unspiritual” reaction. But you know what? As she related the story to prayer partners, her perspective shifted. Everyone had a similar story of underestimated ego, or overestimated non-attachment. The room soon rang with the healing energy of laughter.
While some deep spiritual work can be done alone, I believe friends with a shared intention to know God more deeply are a precious resource. They give comfort in difficulty, celebrate successes, and lovingly reflect back what is ripe for transforming.
Perhaps part of freeing ourselves from attachments also involves freeing ourselves to trust…in the infinite power of the universe to restore and renew, in the love and support of others of like mind, and in the divine potential of our spiritual identity.  Cue fireworks!