Holy Rolling with the Cops

Funny thing about "issues"...just when we think we've transcended one, the universe brings us face-to-face with an opportunity for even greater mastery.
Take Monday night. I spent it on patrol with an Evanston Police Officer. I gotta say, blazing though town with lights flashing and sirens blaring is an awesome rush. I tagged along on a stolen car chase that ended in a felony drug bust, then rode shotgun for two east-side domestic disturbance calls - one ending in arrest. Sitting in the front seat, I observed the suspect struggling to make sense of the drama that had landed him in handcuffs. The situation triggered a torrent of memories from my own struggles in overcoming bad relationships.
"Poor sap," I thought, "If it were up to me I'd let him go."
Reflecting on it later, I realized that even though I'm not currently involved in a bad relationship, my story greatly affects my attitudes about all relationships, and it shapes the judgments I project onto others: Fertile ground for practicing compassion and oneness.
I didn't talk to the guy in handcuffs...department rules don't allow it. I did pray, though. Silently I prayed the arrest marked a turning point for him and his girlfriend. I gave thanks for Officer Jeff's compassion and professionalism. I gave thanks for the Evanston P.D. and all the men and women serving the public who are dedicated to greater good. I prayed that divine love pours forth in mighty waves of spiritual energy to heal, restore and bless the planet. Lastly, I gave thanks for being a minister. (Clearly, I'd make a horrible cop.)
So this week, when you encounter sirens and emergency lights, pray: Pray that Spirit responds to every call. Pray that Truth prevails over all. Affirm that every choice holds the possibility for love's triumph, and pray that every result is a step closer to the fuller expression of the divine.
Rev. Kurt