Herald the Angels Among You

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Unrecognizable beneath his full-body polar-vortex suit of many layers, Dr. Karl Remien ventured out in this morning's record-setting negative temps to make sure our Center was weathering the extreme cold well. I should have guessed it was him. Karl is a one of our unheralded angels, stealthily handling crucial tasks that escape most others' attention.
His dedication reminds me that like Spirit's omnipresence in our lives, we can too easily take the source of our blessings for granted. "You can never for one instant be separated from the life activity of God," Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore writes, "even though you may not externally feel or know of His presence."
So as we in the Midwest hunker down awaiting more temperate weather, my suggestion is that you invest some attention and energy in identifying blessings you might otherwise take for granted. Then, in prayer and/or in deed, express appreciation and gratitude for what Fillmore describes as these "evidences of life." For there, he says, "You may know that God is."
Which, of course, includes you, me, and all the unheralded angels in our midst.