I deny all discomfort in my body. I am experiencing perfect health. I am energetic. My body is fed by fruits, vegetables and all it needs to operate at full capacity.

Disease and disorder have no power in my life. I am free. I am unlimited. I am more than my body.

I will not give power to thoughts of being unwell. I am free of physical maladies.

I will not breathe in negative thoughts about my body. As I am breathing, I am bringing God's perfect life to all parts of my body. God does the work.

No change in my body can harm my true nature. Divine life flows through me and I am healed.

My fears of dis-ease are powerless to shake my faith. Through God in me, I am healed.

Because I know my body is created perfect and whole, I erase all thoughts of imperfection and dis-ease. I dwell only on God's love for me.