Harness the Infinite Power of the Unseen

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Seems we're all busy getting busy: The nation's getting vaccinated. It's income tax time. Construction season is disrupting every traffic route. Add the natural surge in spring activity with the eagerness to re-open the country and the sensory input of daily experience is jarring, especially contrasted with the year we've spent distancing.
Given all the heightened distractions in the outer world, cultivating greater awareness of the unseen power and presence within is more important than ever.
'Cause here's the thing about unseen power: Whether we're conscious of it or not, it is always and everywhere active. It's guiding planets and animating life. It's shaping human experience and earthly forms. It's creating cosmic trajectories and quantum fields. So if we're not feeling supported by it, all that can ever be missing is our capacity to align thinking, believing, feeling and actions with its all-powerful presence.
Each of us experiences the unseen in our own deeply personal way. For some it's a palpably felt experience. Some receive guidance. Others experience a sense of assurance and peace. Some sense light or brightness. I love Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore's description of it as a "thrill behind the eyes."
The one element that all mystics and masters seem to agree upon, is that it's accessed through devoted intentional practice. Call it prayer or meditation, call it a workout or hot shower, call it singing or dancing or writing or making art. Call it whatever works for you. But please, in this hyper-busy season of pre-reopening, make time and space in your life to connect with the power of the unseen.