Happy <No> Labor Day

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
America honors its workers with a day off on Labor Day. After creating the world in six days, God rested on the 7th. We should, too. Yes, we’ve each got spiritual work to do on this path, and it’s important to regularly set aside time to simply “be.”
In his book, Sabbath, Wayne Muller writes, a Sabbath walk is a great way to “let your soul catch up with you,” Sometime this week, set aside 30 minutes to walk.  Muller says don’t even think of it as a “walk.” It’s more of an amble. Set no goals. Don’t pick a destination. Just be completely in the moment and follow the urgings of your heart. If a particular flower or rock catches your eye, spend some time there. If your interest is piqued by a bug or a critter, watch it ‘til your curiosity urges you to move on. If you share the experience with a friend, resist the temptation to speak, and pay attention to the rhythm of your own being. When 30 minutes have passed, pay attention to your thoughts. Is your mind quieter? Is your sense of time less urgent? Is your thinking more expansive?
I pray you make time for aimless recreating, soon.