The Hand You're Dealt Is Spiritual

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
You'd think the rage and disgust I felt when my virtual card-game partner made a bone-headed play would've signaled that I might not be judging with right judgement. It was just a game; on an app! No lie, though. In the moment, I was furious with the idiot algorithm for playing the one card of the one suit that torpedoed our whole flippin' match. 
I know because I replayed the same game over and over until I knew every card in the hand my partner was dealt. Only then did I realize that if dealt the same hand, I'd play it exactly the same way. That's when my self-righteous anger dissolved and I was able to laugh at how unwittingly I'd surrendered my will to a toxic competitive streak. 
In these tense and uncertain days, when so many of us are primed to project our fear and pain outwardly, Jesus' admonition to remove the logs from our own eyes before dealing with specks in others', is game changing. Seeing as others see is as restorative for the soul, as it is life-giving to the body and love generating in the heart.
As we become more skilled at it, we help to heal the world.