I look to no outside source for guidance. I turn to God/Spirit within and receive answers for my life.

I am guided through the Christ in me to do what is right. I do not need to worry about what to do and what to say because the Christ in me will guide me to the greatest good.

Doubt and confusion are erased from my thoughts. I laugh at thoughts of fear, knowing God is with me wherever I go.

I erase any thoughts of confusion and lack of direction. I know that God's guidance is always here, leading me on the path forward that is best for me.

I release any fear for my grandchildren's well-being. They are God's perfect children. Their parents are divinely guided in their care and keeping. Infinite wisdom guides us all in making wise and loving choices.

I release all ego centered actions and behaviors. Spirit guides all of my human interactions. I always recognize and value the Divine in others.