God is Ever Revealing Itself in EVERYTHING!

My latest opportunity for growth is arising in my work as a facilitator for Rainbows for all Children. The intent is to create a safe environment where kids dealing with loss can express whatever needs expressing. The group I'm working with is an energetic bunch. I'm constantly trying to redirect behavior in ways I believe to be more productive.
This week, an expert in the field of Play Therapy suggested I work less at getting the group to do things my way, and more at being willing to enter their world. "They're expressing themselves every second you're with them," he said, " just not in language you're hearing." 
The truth of his counsel hit me like a spiritual lightning bolt. I believe it's true in my Rainbows group because I believe it's also true of God. The Divine is ever expressing in EVERYTHING! For most of us, most of the time, it's conveyed in language we either don't notice or don't recognize: Our beating hearts, this spinning planet, dormant grasses, even amped up kids acting out.
The key is entering Kingdom consciousness: God is always speaking if we but have to ears to hear. So I'm setting an intention to let go of my insistence that Spirit meet my expectations, and to be more willing to see and hear the language of the infinite.
For me, it'll likely involve a very special group of 1st and 2nd graders. What'll it be for you?