Go With the Flow...Boldly

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Just as rivers are a mix of rushing rapids and lazy bends, the ebb and flow of life varies over time. When that flow seems turbulent, my first impulse may be to cling to what’s familiar, unintentionally blocking my own growth and progress. When the current seems sluggish, impatience may frustrate my capacity to trust Spirit's ever-abiding presence. In either case, author John J. McKey would say I'm out of sync with "The Field." 
Happily, fear and frustration can be helpful, McKey says,  "Even slight discomforts can lead to insights that can help bring you quickly back into alignment," he writes in his Amazon bestseller "Leverage the Field for Success." (He'll share tips for realigning at his talk and Q&A this Sunday after service. Details below.)
In the meantime, here's a prayer for moving more gracefully with life's divine flow:
Infinite intelligence guides my every thought, word and deed. I am emboldened to let go of whatever fear would have me control. I am inspired to let love lead the way. As I let go and let God, exciting new possibilities for navigating the course of my life are revealed. I boldly claim the blessings previously unseen. I rest in an awareness that I am one with God’s all-sufficient, all-providing presence.