Many people feel awkward when discussing the subject of spiritual giving. We have trouble fitting together the subjects of money and spirituality. Yet unless we begin to see the relationship between the two and find the role that spiritual giving has in life, it will be difficult for us to grow spiritually.

Because of this awkwardness, most people do not think much about what they give to their church. They simply give from what the have left over at the end of the week or what they can spare. Unfortunately, giving what is left over is not the kind of giving that empowers us and draws greater good into our lives. The principle is that as you give, so shall you receive. And the question is : Is God a first thought or an afterthought in your finances?

Most people in the church probably don’t think much about giving. They many not see the direct link between what they give each week and the church’s ability to offer great music, and a selection of interesting classes and events. Maybe they figure that because there are no hard appeals for money and the church is already built, they have all that’s needed. They think a few wealth givers pay the bills. But each person counts financially, and each gift matters spiritually.

It is a significant turning point for a person who decides to factor tithing into their weekly or monthly budget, a gift that reflects the value of the spiritual support and instruction available form the church. Every time the offering bags are passed or we send in a gift, we have an opportunity to decide what our spiritual growth is worth to us. Our giving is a statement of the priority we place on our growth. The weekly average gift to the church from each member to cover current costs is probably less than dinner for two at a nice restaurant. Isn’t transforming your life through the spiritual food you receive here at least as important?

Yes, we are grateful for every gift. But we are especially happy for those who have learned the joy of giving by practicing the principle of tithing. We can never out-give God! And our gifts are returned to us multiplied.

The purpose of tithing is always to put God first. The Bible is a book about giving, with more promises related to giving than to any other subject. For example, “believing” appears 272 times in the Bible, “prayer” is mentioned 371 times, and “love” 714 times. “Giving” shows up 1,262 times! Jesus talked more bout giving than anything else. More than half of the parables have to do with money and worldly goods.

What is a tithe? The world tithe means "a tenth part.” A tithe is giving 10 percent of all that you receive to a place or person that spiritually feeds you.

Stretton Smith, a Unity minister known for creating the 4T prosperity program, explains: “As we fulfill the Law of Giving — that is, giving 1/10th out of the love and joy of giving — our faith immediately becomes strengthened, and doubt disappears and fear disappears. We don’t prosper 100-fold because we tithed. We prosper 100-fold because our faith increased 100-fold, our consciousness increased 100-fold as a result of tithing. Tithing simply establishes a regular method of giving. It is a self-imposed discipline and it's the beginning development of a consciousness centered in God.”


Unity on the North Shore's Commitment to Tithing.