The Gift of Remembering

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
For those over 18 years old, there's a way in which time freezes every September 11th. We remember 2001. We remember where we were, who was with us, and what we were doing. For most, what's evoked each year is a bit less visceral; What's healed, a bit more accessible. That's the gift of remembering. While it can't change the past, it can open space for holding the energy of past experiences differently.
It's like the two creation stories in Genesis. Chapter one recounts an ordered chronology of what God made each day. Chapter two is more poetic: It describes the garden of Eden. Eve is created from Adam's rib, as compared to the "humankind...male and female."
In the stories of our own healing, we begin by remembering worldly facts and forms. In time, though, we're called to integrate a more "poetic" perspective -- one that integrates an awareness of the infinite. This version shifts the energy from pain to release, blame to freedom, and separation to an understanding that the power and love of God is ever-present.
May you be touched by the healing energy enfolding the world tonight as Unity Centers around the globe join in consciousness for this year's World Day of Prayer observance beginning at 6 p.m. tonight. You can watch live World Day of Prayer events from Unity World Headquarters on Facebook Live.