Free To Trust

In Unity we say this all the time: When we’re truly aligned with Spirit, our happiness cannot be compromised because we’re free from attachment to outer conditions. But how exactly do we live that principle?

A friend who’s worked very hard at nonattachment recently paid off her car loan. The very same week, a can of orange marker paint – the fluorescent stuff used to stripe lanes on roadways – fell off a work truck just as she was passing. Let’s just say she got a free custom paint job. The experience revealed that she’s not as free from attachment to appearances as she had hoped.

She was even more disappointed with her “unspiritual” reaction. You know what, though? As she told the story to her prayer partners, her perspective shifted. Everyone had a similar story of underestimated ego, or overestimated non-attachment. The room soon rang with the healing sound of laughter.

Deep spiritual work doesn't have to be done alone. Friends with a shared intention to know God more deeply offer a precious perspective that comforts through difficulties, celebrates achievements, and can lovingly reflect back what is ripe for transforming.

Perhaps part of freeing ourselves from attachments also involves freeing ourselves to trust…in the infinite power of the universe to restore and renew, in the love and support of those with like mind, and in the divine potential of our spiritual identity – even if you gotta deal with something orange.

Carpool, anyone?
Rev. Kurt