Free to Choose

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Spiritual mastery has little to do with our chronological age or the number of self-empowerment books we’ve read. It has a great deal to do with our willingness to courageously live what we teach: “We are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in mind.”
Here’s a suggestion that  can remind us no matter what the condition, we are always free to choose how we think about it.
As you move through the week note whether/how often anyone uses the phrase, “…have to…” as in, “I have to fix supper,” or,  “You have to do your chores,” “I have to go to work.” Reframe it to, “I choose to fix supper,” “You choose to do your chores.” “I get to go to work.” Then take a moment to look for the blessing in the choice. The blessing that underlies cooking might be the sharing of a meal. Doing chores may provide an opportunity to give thanks for a comfortable home or beautiful yard. Work is the divine channel for income.
It’s an exercise that’s surprisingly empowering. It reinforces the idea that we truly are architects of our own life experiences and we have the freedom and the responsibility to choose how we respond.